Dear Friends:

Spiritually Yours,

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Hill







        During the month of June , we celebrate and focus on the faculty of Imagination—our Imagination is like a powerful telescope that allows us to glimpse into the intangible realms and gain a perspective of the treasure trove of good that God has prepared for us. Our Imagination is not misdirected or aimless drudgery, but, is likened to a sculpture that uses the unformed substance to complete a project like a jar or a statue. Our Imagination shapes and molds our thought patterns to align them with the upper realms of being. Imagination reaches into the intangible realms and draws forth elements that can be seen and utilized in the physical world.

        Our Imagination is like an astronaut that travels the universe, collects all the goodies and then places them at our disposal. The key to using our Imagination effectively is to make sure we are always at-onement with God when developing our blue-print for success. When using our Imagination, it is necessary for our minds to be free from clutter that may block the flow of good to us. When this is done, we only focus on things for our highest good.

         The Imagination, which is always, available to us, is an essential flow of good data that takes up residence in the computers of our minds. Once the flow, of Imagination, is underway, whatever we dream of or desire is ours for the taking. In the beginning, God created everything we need to live an exalted lifestyle, and it is our Imagination that works to ensure that all the treasure of good is possible for us. Our needs are met, our needs are met, thank you, God; thank you, Imagination, our needs are met!

The Circle keeps expanding through Imagination and I love you as only God can.


MINISTER’S MESSAGE.....................