Dear Friends:

Spiritually Yours,

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Hill





October is the month where we focus on the faculty of “Zeal/Enthusiasm.”  When we consciously evoke this powerful faculty, it is like an enormous bolt of electricity charging the ethers.  We become excited about all of our activities. 

Our executive faculty of “Will” is ignited and we orchestrate our lives like a highly regarded CEO.  We have a tendency to strut around like a peacock actively making our dreams come true.  “Enthusiasm” is our charge to get busy taking actions that will guarantee our success.  We feel strengthened and realize our purpose is in Divine Order.

            The human existence can be like a roller coaster ride of many ups and downs and general twists and turns.  If we do not bathe ourselves in “Enthusiasm”, it is quite possible that we will allow ourselves to sink to undesirable lows and forget our spiritual understanding.  We can become anxious and weary about our circumstances.  Without hesitation, we must go within and focus on our “Enthusiasm”.  We then must become zealous about our dreams and desires marching mightily into our lives.  It is our “Enthusiasm” and “Zeal” that sends us into a victory lap and our overcoming is in full force. 

            If you have not manifested your dreams and desires yet, do not despair.  You still have time left, in this year, to make it so.  No matter what is going on in your life, world and affairs, you must learn to galvanize all your resources to guarantee success.  “Enthusiasm” enables us to have a winning spirit and we will not allow anything or anybody to disturb the calm peace of our souls.  Rather than sit around, in a state of hopelessness, call forth your “Enthusiasm and get zealous about being dynamic and making your “crooked” places straight!

            The Circle keeps expanding, in “Zeal/Enthusiasm”, and I love you as only God can!

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