Dear Friends:

Spiritually Yours,

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Hill



MINISTER’S MESSAGE........................



       November is the month of Renunciation. We herald this Spiritual faculty by using it to clean the “plates of our consciousness” of any garbage that is not in our best interest or the interests of our associates. Negative debris, in our thought patterns, can form mountains of blockages that will defer our dreams and spiral us into a pit of hopelessness that causes us to forget who and whose we really are. When we consciously sweep clean all negativity, from our being, we are then free to plan our work and work our plan.

       This is also anniversary month for the Power Circle Congregation, Inc. (PCC), Power Circle Institute (PCI), and all its ministries. To be exact, this is our Silver Anniversary—25 years of following the blueprint for success that God has given us. We are a family that works together for the good of all concerned. We are community-oriented and gladly share all that God has prepared for us and works through us.

       We will sit down at tables laden with food during the Thanksgiving holiday and know that we are God’s chosen “kids” sent here to do a mighty work. Let us use the occasion to focus on our faculty of Renunciation to purge “our” world of anything not for our highest good. Once we Renounce the “garbage” of our human understanding, we can overcome the world and be spiritual citizens that do much good.
“While we are not saved by our good works, we are saved so that we can do good works.” (Col.1:10). “Grace in our hearts pours out in our words and deeds.” (Col. 3:16-17).

       And do not forget to vote! Your vote counts and will surely make a difference! Tuesday, November 3rd is a most important date! Make certain you keep it!

       The Circle keeps expanding in Renunciation and I love you as only God can!