There is only One Power and One Presence in the universe, God!

God is the Source and Architect of the universe and everything therein. There is absolutely 'no space' in the universe where this Power (God) is not present. 

God is all the Power, Presence, Substance, Peace, Love, Harmony and Wisdom there is. One with and as this Power/Presence constitutes a state of being perfect, whole, and complete in every circumstance and under all conditions. It can be stated unequivocally that, 'Whatever is true about God is true about every individual on the face of the universe.' (Genesis)

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We believe that the power of the Holy Spirit moves in such a mighty way that it is beneficial to all, at all times, in every aspect of their lives when they tap into it.

We believe tapping into the Power is a technique that can be achieved by everyone by stilling everything in the outer and then meditating on the Christ Presence within.

We believe that the Power that was shown by Jesus Christ, our brother and wayshower, is available to us in the same degree. It is our quest to develop the practice of tapping into that Power by following Jesus' step-by-step procedure in doing so.

We believe we have the Power to create a consciousness of 'heaven' for ourselves right here on earth in the midst of adverse conditions and experiences when we are in tune with the workings of the Holy Spirit.  

We believe that there is no other Power but that of the Holy Spirit and we must listen to and obey that Power.

We believe that by utilizing this great Power and by acknowledging the Christ in everyone, we are working to raise our own consciousness, as well as those around us;.

We believe and accept God's idea of the Power Circle, for we know that ALL ideas come from God. We take this idea back to God for Divine direction which allows the Power Circle to be a power-filled place in the manner God created it to be.

We believe that NOW is the time for God's idea of New Thought to be unlimited and that the Power Circle has been called forth to dispel any boundaries or restrictions to God's will.