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Power Circle Congregation!

Sunday, November 8, 2015 - 10:00 AM

Rev. Gregory C. Guice, Guest Speaker

Senior Minister—Detroit Unity Temple, Detroit, MI


7:00 pm—10:00 pm—Doors Open @ 6:30 pm 

Donation:  VIP—$50, Balcony—$40, General—$30

Raffle—60” Flat Screen TV—$5

Headlined by Renowed Comedian—Hen Sapp
Along with Soul and Jazz Musical Artists 
Scarlett Parks & LaWuandia

Light Refreshments— 7:00 pm—8:00 pm

Make Your Reservation with the Ticket Committee

More information call 773-721-7972

Anniversary Sunday Service

Celebration Continues

 Rev. Kevin Kitrell Ross, Guest Speaker

Senior Minister at Christ Unity Church


Sunday, September 20, 2015 thru December 20, 2015
Registration forms are available in the PCC Office
We Appreciate You.

EVERY individual in our organization
is Special and Precious.

We recognize, appreciate and
utilize the talents, skills, and
abilities of all who have commit-
ted themselves to our quest.

Finally, we are dedicated and
realize that to God and only
God be the glory.

And, it is so.

Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles.


All muscles must be strengthened. So too with our Spiritual Muscles! When we SERVE, we are strengthening our Spiritual Muscles.

Power Circle has more than 20 Ministries that offer you many opportunities to  serve. Come, "work out" with us, and strengthen your Spiritual Muscles!


You never know when you might need them!

Use this link to over 20 PCC Ministries.

We Invite You. 

Prayer & Meditation

9:45 - 9:55
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

Mind Transforming
Bible Class 7-8 p.m.




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Explore the Spiritual Landscape of PCC. 

We invite you to explore the Principles we teach, which includes our system of New Thought Beliefs and Doctrine. Notice how we are committed to practicing what we teach and preach. The happy results incude the Accomplishmnents within the Community and People we serve. 

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We Welcome You.
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Pray, Fellowship, Be Spiritually Refreshed At PCC.

This is why people come to PCC from all over the Chicago Metropolitan area, including not only the city, but the surrounding southern and western suburbs, and areas of Northwest Indiana. Many visitors make a stop at PCC a "must do" event on their trips to Chicago.

By coming together we strengthen our resolve to continue following the principles taught by Jesus, the Christ.

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